Limited Edition Skateboard Decks

New collectible decks for the connoisseurs who prefer to ride in style. Take your grinding to the next level with these world class boards.

Skateboarding as Art

"Skateboarding is a way to express individuality and creativity. This is why we consider it to be an art form, and the reason we want to bring you exclusive decks with powerful aesthetics that sits comfortably in the intersection between visual art and skateboarding."

We aim to create boards that you want to hang on your wall when you're not riding in the streets. In that sense, the skateboards are being transformed into collaborative art pieces made from the finest rock solid Canadian maplewood, as they're being used, they will only become more aesthetically pleasing.

Editions of 50

Get yours today, before they're gone.


Skateboarding started with a dream, a dream to surf in places without waves and water. Art started with a dream of creating life on dead wall. In essence, they're about the same thing: Self-expression through something other than words.

Politicians say one thing, and do another. In art as well as in skating, actions speak louder than words. We don't need smoking mirrors. We don't need spin doctors to ankle our message to the lowest common-denominator. All we need is a board to turn the world into our canvas, or a canvas to create our own world.

The objective of Alter Ego Empire is to connect these forms of expression, and elevate them through fusion.
Unlike other sports, skating is not only about winning. It's about escaping the grey reality we find ourselves in. It's about taking your head out of the rat race and into the clouds. Like art, It's about making reality like a dream, by turning dreams into reality.